Valerie Tripp

People often ask me why the American Girls collection has sustained the interest of its audience for more than a decade, why their affection for it remains so deep. My answer has always been the books. The books are truly the heart of The American Girls Collection. They present memorable characters engaged in compelling adventures with which girls of today can identify They teach American history, traditions, and values, artfully weaving together education and entertainment, putting vitamins in the chocolate cake! The young readers who devour the American Girls books take pride in their newfound knowledge. They realize that the important concepts they've learned are not only fun to think about but are also a meaningful connection to parents and teachers. They see that respect and admiration come with being well informed. But there is something else in these books, something ineffable but immensely powerful, and that is their spirit of generosity and tenderness as they teach gentle life lessons. Full of wisdom and encouragement, these stories both protect and prepare girls, showing them how to meet their own challenges with strength and courage. I believe that The American Girls Revue captures that ineffable essence so effectively that all who see it will understand why The American Girls Collection has won forever the hearts of those who read its books and fall in love with its earnest, determined young heroines.

Pleasant T. Rowland
President of Pleasant Company
Creator of American Girl